Hui Yue Global Express Co., Ltd. Was established in 2010. And it's headquarters is located in Shanghai with registered capital at 5 million RMB¡£ Hui Yue is a special company mainly dealing with China-Japan express business .The company's name- Hui Yue is taken from ¡°Jie¡± divinatory symbols in ¡°Book of Changes¡±, a well known Chinese ancient book. It's moral is doing everything economy , abstention and rhythm in proper time.
¡±Jie¡± is the company founders¡® ideal thought. With more than ten years working experiences and human resources in manufactory ,trade, logistics , customs clearance and declaration , We focus on developing China-Japan express business. Through our sub-branch, We can ensure you speedy cargoes movements with more convenience , security, humanity, informationization and specialty services to meet each individual customer' s requirements .
We also have an advance international and domestic transportation network by having business relations with more reliable partnerships in over 220 countries and regions which makes us strong powerful in providing air and sea freight with multimodal transportation from port to port ,door to door ,port to door or door to port services for cargoes ,packages as well as documents
Cherishing the ideal of cargoes through worldwide , attracting all kinds of qualified talents ,co-operation with old and new customers and strategic partnerships , the company founders are leading all staffs and workers aim at the target that everyone could enjoy more security, cost-saving, fastest and most convenience service everywhere.
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